Why You Should Never Leave Your Children in a Vehicle

In what seems like common sense and illegal in many states across America, leaving your child in a vehicle is not only dangerous, but neglecting as well. However, there are those out there that feel that they can leave a child unattended in a car regardless. This is why there are many cases that involve a mom, a child, and the police. Some things that you should know before you think of leaving your children in a vehicle are:

The Temperature of a Child Rises Quicker Then an Adult – Your children’s temperature rises 3-5 times faster than that of your own. This could mean that you are exposing your child to temperatures that could kill them.

The Car Temperature Rises Quickly – If you have ever walked into the mall for 20 minutes, walked to your car, and found the steering wheel scorching hot, then you would know already that in just 10 minutes, your car has risen 20 degrees.

Children Hate Being Alone – When you leave your child alone for 5 minutes, they cry. Even the older ones get tired of being alone. You don’t want to cause your child stress just because there is a fun thing to do outside the car.

It’s Illegal – This cannot be stressed enough. If you haven’t understood by now, then you need to take a look back at everything. Your child is precious and the law protects the child from a neglecting mother or father.

As a mother, this is appalling. You don’t ever want to have to leave your children in cars. The fact that a child’s body is delicate should be enough for people stopping doing something like this, but it isn’t. You have to make sure that you are not going to be doing anything that you’re going to regret later. It happens that sometimes people forget. Give yourself a reminder not to forget your child.

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