School Injuries

Schools have a duty to provide appropriate supervision to ensure the safety of children. This responsibility is in effect while your child is in class, on the playground, in the gym or on school trips off premises. Schools are also liable when permitting children to participate in activities that are inappropriate for their age or skill level.

When teachers, administrators and other school staff fail in their obligation to keep children safe from harm, both physically and mentally, they need to be held accountable. Our lawyers are equipped to handle school accidents, a very specific aspect of personal injury law.

Risky physical activities are typically the main cause of injuries and accidents in school but our firm also represents parents and their children who are victims of taunting, harassment, hazing, and bullying.

School injury litigation cases can take many forms. For example, schools may allow fights among students to occur, leading to physical injury. Lack of protection or supervision can even result in sexual assaults and molestation. Physical injury at school is only the beginning of the problems. Psychological damage can also result from these events.

Poorly maintained buildings lacking in proper upkeep can also pose a hazard on school premises. Stairs in need of repair, old chairs and lead paint can cause injuries even though the dangers are well known.

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