Pharmaceutical Injuries

Consumers rely on their pharmacists to dispense their medications properly and to act as a safeguard against drug interactions. However, medication errors happen and the negative consequences that arise can be fatal.

Our firm is ready to help victims of medication errors and their families by helping them receive the compensation they deserve for malpractice injuries caused by prescription medication errors.

Studies have shown that there are over 50 million medication errors made each year in the United States, resulting in approximately 7,000 deaths per year. The negative consequences that can arise from errors may be fatal, and could be caused by:

  • Taking a wrong medication to which you are allergic.
  • Taking a wrong medication which fails to address the medical condition.
  • A damaging or fatal overdose of the medication your doctor ordered.
  • A damaging or fatal under-dose of the medication your doctor ordered.
  • A negative drug interaction between a newly prescribed medication and another one you also take.

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