Motorcycle Accidents

Negligent drivers, distracted truckers and poor Louisiana road conditions are just a few causes of serious motorcycle injuries and road accidents. Our firm represents innocent victims of motorcycle crashes.  Accidents are likely to occur in high-risk situations such as hazardous road or weather conditions, unsafe left turns, large vehicles or a vehicle’s blind spot.

Safe drivers should be aware of the following high-risk situations where motorcycle accidents are most likely to occur:

  • Left Turns – The most common car-motorcycle collisions are those that occur at an intersection where the automobile driver is making a left turn in front of a motorcycle.
  • Vehicle’s Blind Spot – Motorcycles traveling alongside a lane of cars are often out of the view of the driver. An unsuspecting driver may collide with a motorcyclist as the driver attempts to change lanes.
  • Large Vehicles – A large vehicle, such as a van or semi-truck, can block a motorcycle from a driver’s view. The motorcyclist may seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere.
  • Hazardous Road Conditions – Potholes, fallen tree limbs, or railroad tracks may present minor problems for most drivers, whereas a motorcyclist may have to slow down or change lanes to avoid these obstacles.
  • Weather Conditions – When the road surface is wet or icy, a motorcyclist’s braking and handling abilities are impaired.
  • Strong Winds – A strong gust of wind can move a motorcycle across an entire lane of traffic if the driver is not prepared for it. Wind gusts from large trucks in another lane can be a real hazard.

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