Why Lexlee Overton?

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Lexlee Overton

1. Extensive Personal Injury Law Experience
Our firm is rooted in personal injury law. Our passion for promoting safety and providing victims with the best personal injury experience available is a keystone of our philosophy. Our commitment started with our drive to make sure our youngest clients, children, receive the personal injury payments they deserve!

2. We Fight For You!
Unlike some law firms, we’re committed to the safety and well-being of the community above all else! So we know how important it is that people have the right legal team that steps up to the plate and believes in you.

3. Personal
Talking to a lawyer for the first time may feel a little awkward. That’s why we’re committed to creating a comfortable space for our clients! Regardless of your case, we’re here to prepare you the best way we can.

4. Dedicated To The Community
As a premiere law firm, we believe it’s our responsibility to serve the community the best way we can. We’re in the business of helping people, so our firm is interested in helping families, women business owners, children, and more community members get the representation they need to win! In fact, Lexlee Overton actually serves on a community board that seeks to promote child passenger safety.

5. Family First
We understand how important it is that your family is safe and sound. We’re honored to have worked with so many families over the years, so we try to make our office has family-friendly as possible for your little ones!

6. Your Go-To Source For Wrongful Death Cases
Going through a wrongful death case is extremely difficult for families. We’re family oriented ourselves, so we’re committed to providing our clients with exemplary knowledge and representation for their wrongful death claims.

7. Passionate About Child Safety
Child safety is a foremost priority here at Lexlee Overton law firm. In fact, we even offer free child safety inspections for members of the public! We care about prevention just as much as fighting for your damages.

8. Well-Rounded, Experienced & Honest
We consistently strive to deliver the best client care, legal advice and representation available. Not only are we passionate about law, but we have the credentials to back up our expertise. A graduate of Trial Lawyers College, Lexlee Overton continued to work with college staff by sharing her experiences and knowledge with students.

9. A Passion For Philanthropy!
Our commitment to community improvement doesn’t begin and end with our law practice. We continue to reach out in different ways, like growing our own non-profit network. Our work with injury prevention inspired us to start Lexlee’s Kids, a project dedicated to preventing personal injuries in children.

10. Consumer Advocacy!
Personal injuries can arise from a multitude of reasons. One of those reasons can be dangerous and defective products sold to consumers. We’ll continue to fight for everyday consumers who’re hurt by dangerous products that are mislabeled, poorly manufactured and made from harmful chemicals.


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