What Drives Lexlee Overton?

One of Lexlee’s early cases involved a six year old child who was paralyzed in an accident when her seat belt failed. That case changed Lexlee’s life, and injury prevention, especially of children, became her mission. A mother to two herself, Lexlee was moved to take action. She spent years investigating and challenging state laws, then started Lexlee’s Kids, a non-profit organization devoted to accident and injury prevention. Lexlee has been certified as a Child Passenger Safety Instructor and Technician, and has devoted much of her free time to training parents on proper seat installation, free safety inspections, and teaching about the dangers of distracted driving.

“Each year I see children injured in so many ways that could easily be prevented if only there were more awareness or more accountability. With each injured child I see, I have a stronger commitment to advocating for preventing injuries and keeping kids safe.” – Lexlee Overton

Who is Lexlee Overton?

For almost 20 years, Lexlee’s personal mission has been safety. That might sound strange, because lawyers make their living as a result of unsafe actions. If Lexlee had one wish, it’d be that all people be careful at every moment of every day. But we know that’s not entirely possible. Mistakes happen, and sometimes people get hurt.

Practicing law with her father, Lee Overton, Lexlee gained the experience she needed to specialize in representing individuals against insurance companies in order to protect her clients’ rights and to recover their damages.

Lexlee dedicates a large part of her practice to helping children who have been injured or wrongfully harmed. As a result of representing a six year old child that became paralyzed in a collision, she has become a passionate advocate for protecting children from injuries.

Currently, Lexlee continues to work exclusively on behalf of injured individuals and family members of wrongful death victims. Lexlee is member of Louisiana Association for Justice and is licensed to practice in all Louisiana State and Federal Courts.

Lexlee currently serves as the Regional Coordinator for the Louisiana Passenger Safety Task Force and is a Certified Child Passenger Safety Instructor and Technician. This certification allows her to inspect and teach proper installation of child safety seats and train others on how to properly evaluate and install car seats. Sadly, improper installation of child safety seats is one of the leading causes of childhood deaths.

In addition, Lexlee makes herself available to any member of the public for FREE child safety seat inspections and installations by appointment. She also speaks to many local groups concerning child safety and injury prevention. Her dedication to Injury Prevention led her to form a non-profit foundation that is focused solely on preventing injuries to children – Lexlee’s Kids.

In 2002, Lexlee was selected to attend the Trial Lawyers College founded by Gerry Spence. Since graduation, she has completed numerous graduate seminars for advanced trial training. Lexlee was asked to join the staff of Trial Lawyers College in 2004 where she has shared her expertise with colleagues from across the nation.

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